HR Impact

HR Impact = Qualifying People + Adapting Org Structure + Shaping Culture

In the broad field of personnel management, I see myself as an expert in workforce and organizational development.

HR work is more than administration and legal contracting.

Moving forward, the real value will lie in high-quality personnel maintenance and development. Here HR can make an essential contribution, especially in times of increasing digitalization.

The three levels of address in HR strategy are

  • The performance of the individual
  • The quality of cooperation
  • The corporate culture

These three pillars are equally important, mutually dependent and must be brought together to form a solid foundation for the company and its goals.

What are the medium- and long-term strategic goals of your company? And how can you align your HR strategy to achieve these goals?

I would be happy to support you with

  • Project-based assistance
  • On-demand mobile consulting
  • Interim placements

Based on an “HR check-up”, my associates and I create a plan tailored to you and your company, which includes an overview of your organizational structure and culture, as well as management-level and general workforce practices.

People + Organizational Development = Empowerment!