Learning Culture – How to Measure, Promote and Sustain It

Have you ever thought about …

1) What makes an organization learning-driven?
2) How can we measure and develop organizational learning?
3) How can a holistic approach involve all stakeholders in the learning process?

… then this lecture/ workshop will definitely catch you.

A rapidly changing environment, increasing complexity and vast technical advancement, as well as a growing need for innovation and creativity, all represent major challenges for any organization. They affect businesses broadly: large and small, across all industrial sectors, on a national and international level!

The message is clear: without a culture in which learning—constant and dynamic reflection processes driven from with an organization—is embedded across all hierarchies and generations, the organization will no longer work.

“Learning means excellence.” Learning is the foundation for developing potential–that of the individual, the team and the entire organization.
Although the potential of learning is widely recognized, there seems to be a lack of pragmatic, actionable methods and processes when it comes to implementing the topic within an organization.

Our lecture/workshop leads you interactively through the topic and invites you to reflect on and discuss it. We provide solutions based on practical examples, create a space for discussion and, last but not least, present you with the opportunity to benchmark your organization.

Based on 16 years of academic research and the evaluation of publications from leading minds in organizational and learning culture such as Peter Senge of The Fifth Discipline, two experts Dr. Alaa Garad and Dr. Jeff Gold — both quality managers and senior lecturers in Great Britain — have proposed a model that makes the topic of “learning and organizational development” understandable and tangible. Drawing upon this we will share with you the mechanisms, methods and processes, as well as the systemic influencing factors, that constitute an enduring learning and development culture.

Throughout the lecture, Dr. Garad will share his knowledge and experience with you in tandem with Ms. Segger-Heumann.

Dr. Garad is an internationally recognized expert and keynote speaker. His achievements include founding and organizing an international conference on learning, co-authoring The Learning Driven Organization and representing the British Standards Institute (BSI) on the ISO Human Capital Committee (ISO/TC) in Geneva.

Ms. Segger-Heumann is a professional in HR management with experience in a range of industries, and is a co-developer of the certification course “Certified Organizational Learning Professional COLP”.

“We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey (1859-1952), American philosopher and educational reformer