Coaching: Online and Offline, a Valuable Support for Self-Reflection and Goal Achievement

In my role as HR, L&D manager and business coach over the last 20 years, I have coached both young entry-level workers and business professionals, team leaders and managers.

Coaching is a professional, highly efficient method for exploring potential and discovering talents that makes use of pre-existing resources within a person, channeling and strengthening them in order to achieve set goals. My way of working is personality-based and practical. Among other tools, I work with methods from solution-oriented coaching to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), as well as systemic change models-in German or English.

I offer coaching that benefits both individuals and teams, leading to greater strength within groups and organizations and, subsequently, the achievement of their full potential.

What makes me the best choice to meet your coaching needs?

An extensive toolkit of techniques

  • Human maturity and experience
  • Professionalism and neutrality
  • The ability to change perspectives
  • Extensive leadership experience

I offer recognition and empathy at critical and professional distance, qualities which are key in a competent guide and mentor.

My motto:

“When working with clients (coachees), choose the right methods, the right setting and the right structure to provide exceptional support in achieving targets and satisfaction.”