Learning Drivenm Organisazation

To be agile is not good enough!

We accompany you on the way to becoming a Learning-Driven Organization.

Have you ever considered why companies like Apple, Microsoft and Xerox are great companies and why they have sustained excellence over the years? Or why some countries like Finland, Norway and Denmark have some of the best public services in the world, keeping them at the top of the worlds happiness index for decades? And why some individuals are achieving better results than others?

On the other hand have you ever considered why 50% of Fortune 500 disappear every 10 years? Or why some countries stagnate in the same place for decades, sometimes becoming worse in every aspect? It is not only about leadership, not about people, not about technology and not just about fortune. So, what is it?

If you want to know where  your organization stands when it comes to sustainable learning practices and culture, then follow this link. à

Why is learning so important?

Organizations, teams and individuals all face the challenge of increased complexity and speed. The demand for innovation and creativity based on the ever-emerging possibilities of digitization is intensifying. The coronavirus and other unpredictable challenges are constantly assailing us. The solution? Learning, learning, learning and maybe also unlearning and relearning differently.

From science to practice!

Two experts, Dr. Alaa Garad and Dr. Jeff Gold- both quality managers and senior lecturers at leading universities in Great Britain – have extracted some key aspects in the field of organizational learning*. Combining 16 years of academic research and the evaluation of work from leading minds in organizational and learning culture development such as Peter Senge of The Fifth Discipline, they have proposed a model that makes the topic of “learning and development” understandable and tangible for companies.

The Learning Driven Organization Model (LDO) is

  • scientifically sound and certified.
  • not academic and generalized, but pragmatic and implementation-oriented.
  • based on ISO 9001 standards.
  • the basis of an analysis and consulting tool that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of an organization‘s learning culture and practices.
  • an indicator of the frequently unrecognized potentials of learning culture and practices.
  • >suitable as the basis for a strategic HR timetable and organizational structure.

 *Organizational learning refers to a process [aimed at] changing the behavior or actions [within] an organization by introducing new processes, methods and ways of working in such a way that knowledge can be derived consistently and used for constant systematic improvement (as described by Dr. Jeff Gold and Dr. Alaa Garad in The Learning Driven Organization).

With the LDO model, your company, too, can make the quantum leap towards being a really Learning Driven Organization. As a first step, please use our free and non-binding LDO check.